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We include on-site consultations as part of our complete turnkey distillery packages. Our owner/designer/builder, Jesse Lupo, and second in command, Kasey Lupo, will come to your facility and provide you with up to 40 hours of their time - either setting up, evaluating, explaining (or a combination of everything!) to help you get off on the right foot. Cost for this service is $5,000.*


* This price is with a 3 week notice and within the US continental states. Less than 3 weeks and/or outside the US continental states will be subject to additional costs.


Below is a partial list of our satisfied customers willing to tell you about the quality of our equipment.  We encourage you to call any or all of them before you purchase from us, and we look forward to adding you to this list:

Ryan & Wood ~ Gloucester, MA
Bob Ryan


Letherbee Distillers ~ Chicago, IL    

Brenton Engel 


Arizona Distilling Company ~ Tempe, AZ

Jason Grossmiller

Smuggler's Notch  ~ Jeffersonville, VT
Jeremy Elliott

Scotts Point Distillery ~ Bath, NC   ~
Toni  & Duncan Jenner

Bully Boy Distilleries ~ Boston, MA
Will & Dave Willis

Strong Spirits ~ Kansas City, MO
Steve Strong

Dirty Water Distillery ~ Plymouth, MA   ~
Petras “Pepi” Avizonis

Finger Lakes Distillery ~ Burdett, NY
Thomas McKenzie

Luckey Spirits ~ Greenwich, NY
Fred Luckey

Sun Catalytix ~ Cambridge, MA
Jon Hamel   617-374-3797


Deerhammer Distilling Company ~ Buena Vista, CO   ~

Lenny Eckstein


M. B. Roland Distillery ~ Pembroke, KY

Paul Tomaszewski


Wander North Distillery ~ Minneapolis, MN   ~

Brian Winter


Durango Craft Spirits ~ Durango, CO   ~

Michael McCardell


Litchfield Distillery ~ Litchfield, CT    ~

Jack Baker


Dusty Barn Distillery ~ Mt Vernon, IN

Duane Kuhlenschmidt


Seven Jars Distillery ~ Charlotte, NC   ~

Scott McClure 


Devil's Head Distillery ~ Englewood, CO

Ryan White


Round Turn Distilling ~ Biddeford, ME   ~

Darren Case


Black Mountain Distillery ~ Cave Creek, AZ   ~

Steve Mink


Black Bear Distillery ~ Green Mountain Falls, CO   ~ 

Victor Matthews 


Rio Brazos Distillery ~ College Station, TX   ~ 

Nathan Barkman


Hidden Still Spirits ~ Lebanon, PA   ~

David Stein


Spirits of Old Bennington ~ Bennington, VT    ~

Ken Lorenz    


Springfield Distillery ~  Halifax, VA    ~    Springfield Distillery on Barnwood Builders   

James Gordon


Mingo Creek Craft Distillers ~ Washington, PA   ~

Jim & Ellen Hough


Limestone Branch Distillery ~ Lebanon, KY

Steve Beam


Elk Fence Distillery ~ Santa Rosa, CA

Gail Copperinger

Scott Woodson


Old Route 2 Spirits ~ Barre, VT   ~

Ryan Dumperth 

Sebago Lake Distillery ~ Gardiner, ME

Dan Davis

Stroudwater Distillery ~ Portland, ME

Jeff Johnson

West Overton Village and Museum ~ Scottdale, PA

Jessica Kadie-Barclay

John Fitch Distilling Company  ~  South Windsor, CT

Shawn Jacobaccio

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