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Terms               Trident Turnkey Financing ~ We Want To Help!

Packages include most all of the components necessary to operate your distillery, in a variety of sizes.  We include nearly all of the equipment needed from start to finish and add important extras like floor-plan design and even on-site setup and instruction.  All packages start with a phone consultation to determine your needs and then structured accordingly.  We can offer a financing option which you may exercise.  Financing terms are 1/2 down and balances amortized over 36 or 24 month repayment terms at a nominal 10% interest rate.  

General Info on Equipment

  • We offer turnkey packages or you can order just what you need.

  • On turnkey packages, the other pieces are sized off the still capacity.

  • The still sizes we make, in gallons: 15, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600

  • We make 2 mash tun sizes: 400 gallon capacity, 600 gallon capacity

  • All stills over 100 gallons and all mash tuns are steam jacketed.

  • All stills (except 15g) and all mash tuns include an agitator.

  • Fermentors do not come jacketed. Jacketing is an extra cost.

  • Stills come with a packable column. We also make a sieve plate insert for an additional fee.

  • We make twist lock gin baskets and copper heads. These are add ons, so please let us know in your inquiry if you need one so we can add it to your quote.

  • All of our equipment is made out of stainless steel, except the copper sheathing on the still, and our hand hammered copper head. 

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