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Sebago Lake Distillery

Jesse discussing with the crew about how to operate the dephlegmator.

Prohibition Party at HSS

Jesse and Kasey dressed up for the Prohibition Party at Hidden Still Spirits, December 5, 2015.

Tasting at Arizona Distilling Co.

L to R: John, Jesse's brother; Jason, owner of AZ Distilling; Jesse and Kasey.

Hidden Still Spirits

A 10g scale size lab still with a vodka dephlegmator, 300g finishing still with a copper whiskey head and a 600g stripping still with vodka dephlegmator all done and ready for crating.

Trident Stills back drop

Jesse showing off his brilliant back drop idea.

Wander North Distillery

L to R: 300g product mixing/blending tank, 2 400g fermentors, and a 400g hot liquor tank sitting in our new building waiting to be crated for shipment.

Arizona Distilling Company

The completed copper head specially designed for Arizona Distilling Company.

Shaping copper cone

Bump breaking a cone to prep for welding.

Mid build copper head

A propane torch heating the copper before welding it together.

Copper head polishing

Jesse polishing a copper head in the old building beside the 600g still sent to Deerhammer Distilling Company in Buena Vista, CO.

Copper Head

Jesse starting the final polish on a copper head.

Copper Head

Copper head initially polished and ready for welding.

600g still

Jesse with a 600g still in mid build in the old building.

In progress in old building

Jesse inside a still on the left cleaning it out to resell. A 600g on the right all ready for insulation.

Old building

The same 600g on the left, a 300g still on the right with a fermentor in front of it.

Trident Stills on the road

Equipment headed to Bradford Distillery, Hull, MA.

200g Still

A 200g electric still brought back in house to be converted to steam and then was resold to Litchfield Distillery. They use it to make their gin.

Converted 200g still

Was originally built as an electric, now converted to steam and ready to ship to it's new home in Indiana at Dusty Barn Distillery.

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